Pertape, automation in taping structural polycarbonate

Taping structured polycarbonate sheets is a delicate and time consuming job. Pertape helps you to automate this process, resulting in gains in efficiency and quality.  



more work done



constant quality


Time saving

3 times faster



less dependency on operator



thickness from 4 to 55mm 


Click panels

option available


Pertape requires both electric (240V) and pneumatic (6 bar) power to operate. The machine is built up as follows (click on the + for details): 

The Pertape machine consists of 3 parts: 

1. machine frame with touchscreen

2. carriage

3. operating switch

Polycarbonate sheets are loaded into the front of the machine, and recognised by a sheet detection sensor. 

The machine frame with safety doors protects the operator from the moving parts of the machine, and supports the rails on which the carriage moves. 

machine frame

In automatic mode, the touchscreen allows the operator to adjust settings like sheet width and carriage speed and contains toggles for each seperate action taken by the machine.

In the password protected manual mode, detailed settings and options can be adjusted for fine tuning the Pertape machine. 

The carriage is belt driven and runs on rails mounted in the frame. By pushing the operation switch, the sheet is clamped by the frame and the carriage sets off from right to left to apply tape to the sheet. 

The carriage contains the entire taping mechanism:

  1. The tape cartridge, which is specific for each type (closed or breathing) and width of tape (eg 25, 38, 50 or 60mm tape). 
  2. Operation components like knives, blow knives, tape detection sensors, pressing rolls etc.


The sequence of taping typically consists of:

  • positioning the carriage at the edge of the sheet,
  • blowing film off,
  • applying tape at the edge,
  • rolling tape along the sheet,
  • pressing tape on top and bottom surface,
  • cutting tape,
  • applying tape at the second edge.


As soon as the sheet is removed the carriage returns to the start position. 

Optionally, seperate knives can precut the tape applied to panelling system sheets of 16, 40 or 50mm, in order to properly tape the couplings. 

The remote operating switch is foot operated, and contains an emergency safety stop. Thanks to a 5m lead, the switch can be installed close to the operator. The operator can use the switch to start the taping process, as soon as a sheet is detected by the sheet detection sensor. 


Operational safety

Pertape is built to the highest CE safety standards, to allow for a safe and easy operation. 



The main switches for pneumatic and electric power are positioned at the front of the machine frame. 



Operating panel

The touchscreen mounted on the frame contains the following controls: 

- start button (green)

- stop button (red)

- reset button (blue)

- emergency stop

- HMI + operating system

- USB-port


Operational switch

The operational switch comes with a 5m lead, enabling the operator to install it next to his workstation. The switch consists of a foot pedal (start production) and an emergency stop. 


Door safety

All doors on the frame are equiped with PILZ safety switches.

When a door is opened (for example to change a roll of tape), the machine goes in alarm mode and pneumatic pressure is off. 

After closing the door, the "reset" and "start" buttons  have to be operated to bring power back. 


Sheet loading light

A blue LED strip is mounted in the frame, to inform the operator that a sheet can be loaded in the Pertape machine.

When the sheet is loaded to its stopper, the sensor is activated and the machine is ready to be operated. 


Operating light

A warning light is mounted on the frame to enable the operator to see the status of the machine: 

Green light: all systems working and ready for automatic use with the foot switch.

Red light: alarm or warning - touch screen gives details

Blue light: safety circuit has been cut (door open, emergency stop etc...) - press reset to solve. 


Built-in modem

The Pertape machine contains a built-in modem (wireless is an option), allowing the manufacturer to access the software, should problems arise. 

Pertape specifications

Each Pertape machine is custom made, to your own specifications. Maximum width of sheet and minimum and maximum thickness of sheet define the design matrix.  

description 1250mm 2100m
dimensions (lxwxh) (m) 3.76 x 2.05 x 2.19 4.60 x 2.05 x 2.19
weight (kg) 550 725
speed (m/s) 0.5 - 3 0.5 - 3
width of sheet touchscreen adjustable 250 to 2100mm
thickness of sheet 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 25, 32, 40, 45, 50, 55mm
Clickpanels Option to preslit male and female connector tape
Alu tape Typically rolls of 300m closed and 100m breathing tape
Alu tape 25, 38, 50, 60mm or to customer specifications
Typical components
Lenze controller P300
Lenze I/O system 1000 type EPM
Motor - gearbox combination 0.25 kW with integrated feedback
Inverter drive 8400 Highline C 0.25kW
CanG bus system

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